Chinese 49cc scooter starts then dies

Chinese 49cc scooter starts then dies


Then I looked at the fuel gauge and realised I was empty Switched to my reserve tank and all was well. Why does my scooter start, but then dies out? by Anonymous (Somewhere) My scooter starts fine and idles fine, but as soon as I start going, it only lets me get to 20mph, and then bogs down and dies. The scooter starts, then stalls. Remove the key from the key switch, then push the manual freewheel lever to the drive (rearward) position and restart your scooter 6: Throttle control lever not at center position at start up. With the small tires it is hard to gear these down, I believe some engines (49cc) you can put the gear reduction on but even then it is not very suitable for small kids. #2 Speed: they are geared pretty much as low as it gets. It will do this repeatedly. By editorial staff. It is designed as a general Petrol vaporises much more slowly when it's cold, hence you need more of it to create the same amount of vapour. They shouldn't have to split an engine casing , but take off some panel screws & check for a loose wire from cartage--yes. Here is my response: Hi Mate, Sounds like a carby problem for Scooter started normal, but still would not take acceleration without bogging. net The Sun /Thursday, July 25, 2013 The Sun /Thursday, July 25, 2013 VIEWPOINT www. Showing 1-25 of 25 messages Ok so I have a tao tao 50 scooter, and its only one year old, and good condition.

Then , turn the L screw counter clockwise two and a half turns, opening the passage for the idle circuit. Then again the dreaded bowl kicks in and stutters. After I wait a while, it starts up again, and repeats the same cycle. i also have to use excessive amounts of starting fluid and the bike starts kinda idles up and down then dies. Huasheng 4-stroke chinese engine won't start. sunnewspapers. Dirt Bikes, Dirt Bike, Mini Dirt Bikes, Mini Bikes, Pit Bike, Pit Bikes, SSR Dirt Bike, SSR Pit Bikes The quality of this scooter is far superior to the cheap Chinese made scooter and in my personal opinion is right in line with the Honda and Yamaha scooters. It's usually not too hard. adventureimports. When i drive my scooter under 35 mph, if i accelerate the motor have hesitation (beuuuueuu) before he take his gas correctly. Your bike may still be pretty cold, and you have only one cylinder. nz Thanks for purchasing the ATV from us! Notes: 1) The exhaust pipe on the right foot side could be hot after a long time riding, be careful.

International New Scooter BBS. It's a chinese 49cc scooter that he won at a car show by entering a raffle. The Letters Readers with access to the Internet may email Letters to the Editor at letters@sun-herald. Or there might be vacuum leak in the piston area. So now, 2 months or more of Battery Charger Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) FAQ About Battery Settings. In that time a lot has changed. HOW TO FIX a Tecumseh Enduro OHV 5 horsepower Engine that Starts then DIES or WON'T START Will NOT STAY RUNNING. com. Scooter batteries are much smaller than car batteries. then open the fl oat bowl drain on a fourstroke, or remove the fl oat bowl cap Turn the scooter off for a few minutes, then turn your scooter back on. The Chinese Strada rx8 is one 50cc scooter that goes up to 45-50 mph, depending on wind and your weight. number of letters received, we are able to run only one letter per person per month.

Idles fine, but dies as soon as you tough the throttle. Fast vehicles are dangerous. Gas Powered pocket bikes are mostly for race purposes only, they are much to fast for sidewalks. Fix Chinese 49cc Scooter that won't start I am/was able to get the engine to start again after some tries but either it starts and then just dies a few seconds From what I have learned, Nikota, a tool and machining company, purchased a set of old model molds and dies from Honda. Then MAKE sure the ignition is off, and pull the pull starter just out far enough to catch the motor. second hand one put a new battery in it. And it will not start no matter how many times pull. I have to stop, flip it to the side and hit the bowl outercase a few times, then I can go back and ride. 5 CC 4 stroke air cooled engine and a fully automatic CV transmission. Weird. My bikes do that when the gas tank gets to low and the bikes leans out the engine revs and then it dies. Check out our scooter performance parts, aftermarket or oem replacements.

Motorcycle Troubleshooting Guide – Four-Stroke Motorcycle Troubleshooting Guide While this Motorcycle Troubleshooting Guide is not a complete guide of every possible cause for each problem listed, it will help assist mechanics in troubleshooting some of the most common difficulties they will face. RELOAD button: power up, press and hold it (>=3s) then release, to restore the module to its factory settings immediately READY indicator: lights up when the WiFi module starts up successfully Photos Package Contains WIFI-LPB100-A Eval Kit x 1 USB type A plug to mini-B plug cable x 1 . See more Wildfire 50cc wfh50-s2 [starts, then dies] | Manuals, Wiring Diagrams, Help Files, I recently was given this Wildfire Scooter(50cc) 2017 WFH50-S2 (49cc) 2017 Vento Triton Great little gas saving scooter - read expert The Wildfire WFH50-S2E Has a 49. rac-95 8077 ing history to win two titles the same season. Even geared down it would have too much power, and trying to limit the throttle on a 2-stroke doesn't work too well. got scooter to start but then it dies right away . italian. It has 5miles on it. If the information presented here contradicts your owner manual, then you should trust the manufacture and abide by their recommendations. I tried adjusting the idle valve screw and mixture, i turned them both in fully and then opened them 2 turns as i seen this was the normal setting. Attaches to side of a 49 cc motor THIS WILL FIT SOME OTHER TYPES- 49cc Mini Pocket Bike. Welcome to Part 1: How to derestrict a 50cc scooter.

110cc Four Stroke ATV User Manual Prepared by: Adventure Imports New Zealand www. yesterday it would start but when you pulled the gas it wouldnt go anywhere but didnt die. Two-Stroke Motorcycle Troubleshooting Guide. If the scooter does turn over but still doesn't start you have to check for a spark and make sure gas is getting to the engine. It doesn't even have a chance to warm up. if you guys My friend has a Chinese 50cc scooter "VIP Future Champion" that won't start. In order to perform the check we should follow the following steps: Ride the scooter warm. S. It would sometimes take it, sometimes not. Or there might be vaccum leak in the piston area. • Check the spark plug for sign of wear and tear. Yesturday it died on me without any warning, and before I go scrounging for parts, or to a shop, I wanted to get some opinions to see if I could fix myself.

OurTown Page 8 E/N/C www. Curing 2-cycle Engine Problems: Many 2-cycle engines have problems and are sent to the junk yard before their time. While your here, check the connections. Very roughly, 100-125 psi is good, 125-150 psi is very good, and 150+ psi is great. It starts with the choke closed and while giving it a bit of throttle however the the second you open the choke, the loss of power troubleshooting: bogging down [103,809 views] We've launched an improved GY6 Technical Center for 2014! We're in the process of bringing all of these old articles to the new system. This problem is very likely either a bad connection to the battery (remove plastic battery box cover and tighten bolts) or a dead battery. When it does start, if you give it any gas, it stalls. I have a chinese scooter starts and idles for a few seconds and then dies do you know what the problem is? - Quad 47 cc / 49 cc Pocket Mini Bike question Hey guys, Fiancee's got a 2009 Lifan LF50QT-15 scooter with 1500km on it that is on the fritz. Im suspecting its the carby, any help would be great thanks. Sounds like you have an intake manifold leak behind the carb. The cheapo £700 Chinese scooters on that website at best will last for 2 years (many literally fall apart in less than 6 months) and a 2 year old Chinese scooter is worth nothing – £0. Give your scooter a good washing and cleaning.

Gulf Ave combined starts winning two championships, making him: Free. Why won't my scooter stay running? If it starts, then dies, it's your carb. Not only does it make the scoot look nice, it gives you a chance to inspect the scooter for damage or missing / loose parts. Same if you leave the fuel turned off in the off position when you start the bike. When should I use a 2-amp, 10-amp, 12-amp, or 15-amp charge rate? This depends on how fast you want to charge your battery and the size of the actual battery you are charging. and will jog away from the honda today at the lights,tyres are a but to tiny,and the body work is a but basic. it wont start, every once in a blue I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction regarding a problem with my brotherinlaw's scooter. Large selection of parts for Gy6 engines. Here are three ways to test a battery: Perhaps the easiest method for checking batteries is to measure the voltage after charging, and then again after several hours. contunue to do this until it starts. if it does not start, you Two years ago today I purchased my red & white Honda Metropolitan scooter. With the back wheel raised I tried to apply some throttle.

It starts only with full choke and if I turn the choke off it runs for about 15 seconds then stalls. I have a 2014 Chinese gy6 150 cc If it idles fine but it bogs down with throttle, your high speed gas jet is probably clogged. My "New" 49Cc scooter. The carburetor, some tires, the drive belt and a few other misc parts for your Chinese scooter are made in China, the vast majority of the parts however are manufactured in Taiwan. You can get clear hose and llok for moisture. Because of this, their magical power to start your scooter dissipates more quickly. If your piston is badly scratched up due to the lack of oil, then you need to replace piston and rings Then make sure to closely follow the recommended maintenance schedule, read the instructions before you even think about picking up a wrench, and take your time. Make sure the positive(Red) and Negative (black) cables are tight. I needed to buy a scooter for daily London commuting and eventually I came accross the Baotian Monza 125cc. Along with that I will also explain which parts should be installed first when starting tuning a scooter and which ones need to be replaced when getting more serious. I have to assume that your scooter is one of the Chinese made 4 stroke models that If your dirt bike won't start or stay running, it's known by all how frustrating and embarrassing this can be. check the carb.

I want to buy some parts for my When the battery doesn't have enough juice to start the engine you'll hear a clicking sound. Then I took the sparkplug off which is of course also new and I cleaned it and gapped it, reinstalled it. only the 20th driver in U. This basic maintenance procedure can be performed by anyone with a few basic tools. Then, pull in the clutch, shift the bike to second gear (third on a big bore) and pop the clutch. It is very hard to get started. Add the proper fluid if necessary. We have grown to be one of the internet's largest entertainment sources. every scooter is better then the today!! Genuine Buddy scooter parts for sale. If the carburetor has any sort of issue that disturbs the air fuel ratio it may result in hard starting. it starts and ticks over fine its when you take choke of then the problem starts, its as if its misfiring< i have put new spark plugs new coils new rectifier, and new stator, and battery when im at say 3/4000 rpm its as if the fuel is not going in smoothly but soon as i put choke on at same revs bingo its a new bike My carb leaks fuel out of the overflow hose at the bottom of my carb And prob rode it a dozen times since then without any problems. ok.

On flat ground most electric scooters will have a range of around 30-45 minutes. If your piston is badly scratched up due to the lack of oil, then you need to replace piston and rings to compression back. This is the gear box. Condition is used as expected great runner to get from A to B been sat in garage for around 3 years under sheets but had it running couple of weeks back but now have lost the key but i have a new barrel and ignition set to go on easy job. Mega Moto’s vehicles are bigger, stronger, safer, and faster for the ultimate experience. Gillis and Romanus were, among dozens of area resi-dents who heard about the investments from seminars by faehne and other MBC sales agents in Which is kind of silly because I can take a 49cc scooter which is limited to 30mph, and ride that bad boy down on any 55mph non-highway roads I want and even though I'm holding up traffic, it's still legal. It will start fine, run for about 30 seconds, then gradually start to die, then eventually lose power and the engine dies. It starts up but then when I give it gas a few times it dies. How to derestrict a 50cc Scooter – On a general note. Scooter dies/stalls when warm/hot after about 3 miles and won't start until cold. Supposedly gets 200mpg, but I didn't make it 40 miles before the front tire tacoed on me. A scooter is a two-wheeled motorized vehicle with a small engine, providing an economical means of transportation.

Including belts, filters, bulbs, levers, tires, brakes, electrical equipment, and engine parts for sale. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu’s Specifications: Product name: Rectifier Voltage Regulator Assy for SUZUKI TL 1000 GSXR600 GSXR750 Category: three-phase full wave rectifier Product size: 110 X 80 X 20mm/4. First, turn in the mixture screw until the engine dies or runs worse, then back out the screw (recommend turning ¼ to ½ turn at a time). scooters) submitted 1 year ago by CitizenKnowNothing Hello all, I recently bought a 2016 49cc Chinese scooter used off a guy for really cheap. Offering the widest selection of scooter parts and accessories. We stock all of these parts on our web site. Done properly, learning to ride an off-road motorcycle is the most fun just about any youngster—and many adults!—will ever experience. " We didn't know it was coming! Brianna Susnak, a student at Indiana University, said, “Don’t leave your lights or AC running the whole time, because then your car dies and the staff isn’t happy when you ask them to jump provider then becomes responsible for paying the pre-miums of the policy. Engine idles but then dies. The air fuel ratio that the carburetor is responsible for blending and metering is especially important and sensitive during cold starts. uk etc), so when I saw an affordably priced Peugeot moped on offer at just £250 more than a Chinese one (£1000) I jumped at the opportunity, thinking Peugeot was a reliable french brand. Chinese) scooters.

Hard starting is another symptom commonly associated with a bad or failing carburetor. 33 X 3. So i think ok awesome im sure i got the right pilot 100% so i then put it at 1 1/2 to aim tward the bottom side of that range and see what happens. scooter bogs down when I open throttle , starts easy, idles good just the bogging when I give it a bit of throttle, checked and clean the carburetor, put new plug in, still the same. Do you need your Sex Drive SUPERCHARGED? Eat this! Date: then get busy in your car behind the restaurant. Once the bike starts to churn over, keep it moving until you can clean the flooded gas out When 2 stroke engine troubleshooting and the engine is flooded, you want to spin the engine over fast with the throttle wide open several times. “ 2018 GENUINE ROUGHHOUSE 50cc SPORT Carburetor Adjustment amp Troubleshooting Series- Part 1 dialing in the idle circuit: ATV & UTV : Carburetor adjustment is another one of those great mysteries of engine tuning that some perceive as Scooter Gy6 150 Cc Engine Rebuild Kit Egr Cylinder Engine Head 157qmj Chinese Amazon Co Uk Car Motorbike Part 17207 Keb7 9000 Cover A C 50cc Scooter Diagram 50cc Basically the only advice I had been given by other motorcyclists was do not buy a Chinese scooter and especially do not buy a direct bike (scooter. It's just amazing that I got my bike home with no problems and used up exactly the right amount of fuel to empty my tank There is a local scooter shop that is offering 50cc scooters for under 700 dollars. Scooter bogs out when I turn the throttle. The investors get a return that pays off after the person dies. why is this? why does it die? when it was starting and running but not goin i figured it was the carburater but im not sure. My scooter is leaking oil from the Carburetor and Muffler areas I need help trying to figure out what's wrong with my scooter.

IceBear ATV Bull 150cc - Carburetor. WRONG. But a golf car that can keep up with traffic is illegal. vww. • If it starts by spraying starting fluid and dies as soon it runs out of starting fluid then this means there is no My 50cc mini bike starts then dies 5 secs after starting. Minibikes (sometimes called "pocketbikes") have the same purpose, though they are If it starts by doing this then great, but push it until you feel tension and then try the electric start (remember to hold in a brake lever, or it won't work). and it ran fine, but top speed was 50mph barely, so i thought i would take apart the carb and clean it, I put everything back together and threw it back into the scooter. . From a stop if I give it full throttle it accelerate fine until I get to about 40 mph then it acts like it's flooded, and comes to a stop. What's the deal? Did the cops and > judicial system not know the law? Or is it our local dealer? It turns out Now these pocket bikes are also not ment for children electric ones mabe but for kids 8 and over. First start gassed it a couple times then hit the starter, second time had to gas it again and then played with the throttle to keep it running a little longer and then it died while throttle was TROUBLESHOOTING YOUR SCOOTER My scooter is not charging My scooter will not start My scooter is hard to start Starter is working but Scooter will not start Scooter runs but is very slow. Questions to ask yourself! i .

Currently the bike will idle but die if you give it a decent amount of revs under load. Mostly larger pocket bikes and chinese stand up scooters 49c FREE SHIPPING PLEASE BUY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. To adjust your idle speed, find the idle mixture screw that limits the flow of fuel at idle. Then above 3 it starts to stumble really rythmicly. But I took the carb off and cleaned it anyway, reinstalled it and when I pushed the primer, gas was in the bulb. Basically the engine ignites, and I can get about 3 seconds of revving before the scooter dies on me Why does my scooter slowly stop running? by Dale Whelchel (Spotsylvania, VA) I have a 50cc TaoTao scooter; it will start and run fine for a bit, then just starts losing power and shuts off. 1 N. Many scooters have a kick start (see your manual). One cylinder + cold oil = hard to start scooter. Here is my response: Hi Mate, Sounds like a carby problem for If it starts by spraying starting fluid and dies as soon it runs out of starting fluid then this means there is no fuel getting to the engine. co. This is a new scooter that I have already broken in, everything is clean.

You can then use a screwdriver to adjust both screws ¼ turn at a time until your engine purrs smoothly. Troubleshooting - Scooter won't run. Gy6 150cc Parts Warehouse. Dirt - Dirt Rider Magazine. runs and rides as should though any other details needed just ask glad to take any offers also Please read this owner’s manual carefully before using this product ! If you have no experience with motorbikes and engines you may like to visit youtube. or nearest offer 2014 yamaha aerox 50 scooter moped. Last spring when I got it I had nothing but trouble, fixed the following and it ran perfect all summer until i For over a decade Topix has proudly served up your town's latest news and hottest takes. If you do all that, chances are you'll be just fine. Honda Express Moped NC50 1978 - Manuals, How-Tos, Tips & Tricks, Performance Tuning Parts for the nc 50 model as well as Honda Express II, Honda Express SR and Honda Urban Express Now that we know what to look for, let’s use the spark plug as the main indicator for our carburetor setting. Air comes into the eng behind the carb and draws gas out of the main jet tube and it runs on it own. Impressive! Photo shot by @daniellevee. net E/N/C OurTown If the new scooter is shipped to you in a crate and requires some assembly , then yes , they have to mess with it .

Push the starter button and watch for a small blue spark in the plug gap. Please look at picture to see great quality and to see if part matches you type of scooter application. Engine started as if it will run, but it only ran for 2-3 seconds, and dies. I have a 150 cc Chinese motor scooter. I went to pull start it and it just won't start. the first time it probably took me an hour (maybe a little longer) but now can do it in under 30 minutes on my atm50. I takes the whole battery Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for ScooterX Dirt Dog 49cc Gas Scooter * Can ride doubles and do stunts at Amazon. Your number one source for 66cc/80cc 2-Stroke Engine Kits, 79cc/212cc 4-Stroke Engine Kits, Motorized Bicycles, CNC High Performance Parts, PHATMOTO™ and more. The coil essentially converts the 12 volts from your battery to the thousands of volts necessary to allow for the spark plug to ignite the air / fuel mixture in the engine. But it's a bunch of clicks. It has to be grounded. This is a brake disk and hardware that came off a chinese scooter.

Same thing if i'm on top speed, put gas down and bring back to the max, little hesitation my question is do people catagorize 49cc scooters as 50cc scotters and are 50cc parts compatable with 49cc scootersThe reason I am asking this is because every search I do for my TaoTao 49cc scooter never comes up with 49cc it only comes up with 50cc and up. These molds and dies, with a few modifications, are what they used to make the engine and other important parts on the scooter. Real People, Real Customer Service, Really Fast! Free Shipping on Orders over $75, Buy 47cc 49cc Gas Tank Gas Cap Mini Bike Pocket Bike Engine Parts Cag MTA2: Intake Manifolds - Amazon. Once this happens, it will not start back for a while. so i have a scooter that i couldn't get to spark Best Answer: 1st ov all u didnt say if it was a 2stroke or 4, if its a 2 stroke den u need 2 clean the carb out as 2stroke gunks up if left 2 sit 4 2 long,make sure u clean the spark plug or get a new 1! if uve got a orange spark den u need 2 replace ur plug,if its blue den its good. If it starts by spraying starting fluid and dies as soon it runs out of starting fluid then this means there is no fuel getting to the engine. An eBay Store maintained by: Member id racetechelectric ( Feedback Score Of 8553) What is Engine Capacity (cc): The term “cc” stands for Cubic Centimeters or simply cm³, which is a metric unit to measure the Engine's Capacity or its volume. Japanese. Dirt Bike, ATV, or Scooter. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Buy 47cc 49cc Gas Tank Gas Cap Mini Bike Pocket Bike Engine Parts Cag MTA2: Intake Manifolds - Amazon. Easy Maintenance Work. He let the battery run down when it was still operable, over a year ago, and when he finally replaced the battery, it wo My 50cc Chinese Scooter GY6 QMB139 hard start when cold, anything below 65 degrees F.

Pull to The side of the road and it starts right up. If your scooter wont idle or start check your fuel petcock. The engine should pick up speed and begin to smooth out. It's 50cc with 1,100 miles on it. From the April 2003 issue of Motorcycle Cruiser magazine. I have had it going around the yard but it stalls every time after a short while. If I continue to try and start it gas will leak out air filter when giving it any throttle. Hey guys, i've searched all over the forum and can't seem to find a solution to my problem So i bought a 08 chinese scooter with the GY6 engine. Authentic street legal mopeds. For buyer . Fuel in the spark plug hole poured, and it starts and runs for 2-3 seconds with smoke, then dies. • Try using starting fluid to aid the starting process, spray a little into the carburetor.

Korean. PLEASE CHECK YOUR MODEL TO COMPARE. attempt to start the motor after priming it, by pressing the rubber button 3-4 times. April 6, 2009. i have a 49cc chinese moped. A select few parts on the scooter are made by OEMs. Test The Battery Pack On A Scooter That Runs (No Tools Needed) If the scooter is running, a battery test can be performed on it by fully charging the battery pack and then riding the scooter at full throttle on flat ground and seeing how long the battery pack lasts. Side shaft horizontal style motor runs poorly. After she starts drinking, take the cork and use it as a wedge between the gear and the Last time this happened to me I just could not figure it out. the jog at least has more top end power then the honda today 50cc which is the worst scooter that i have come across ,the grunt is better and the quality is at least better then the today. Adjusting your engine's valves doesn't need to be mysterious and intimidating. then open the fl oat bowl drain on a fourstroke, or remove the fl oat bowl cap What To Do When Your Bike Won't Start - Dr.

and if there are no lights on the bike then the road is out of the question. Check engine oil and battery levels. This is one major problem if yours is bad. After trawling the internet I could hardly find any reviews of this scooter so I thought I would write this review to assist anyone else contemplating a Baotian Monza scooter. terry Some would say that racing rml and the gospel don't mix, he said, but it it hadn't been for the gospel and God's intervention in his life, he wouldn't be where he is today. This should take no more than 5 seconds. As I began to run and compare the numbers, I saw some interesting things. If you don't have this level of compression then you have bad valves and/or bad piston rings. Then lay the end that would normally be in the engine on the frame. > got this information from a local moped/scooter dealer who will not sell a > scooter to someone without a valid motorcycle license but said you don't > need any kind of license for a moped. Scooter dies even when the choke is all the way up USed Vino 49cc 16 kB ; Chinese scooter companies 10 kB ; //I built a "moped" from a Huffy beach cruiser and a some 49cc Chinese motor/kit. The employees love that.

Help! Starts up and then Dies! Non Chinese. Also, on most Chinese powersports, there will be an in-line fuse that attaches to the positive cable. Here is my response: Hi Mate, Sounds like a carby problem for GY6 150cc Ignition Troubleshooting Guide: No Spark? it starts and runs for about 10 minutes then dies and i lose all spark. but now once it starts, it runs for 20-30 seconds and dies, if i give it second hand one put a new battery in it. hope dis helps if it dont plz Top 10 Scooter Problems & How to Solve Them! Posted October 28, 2009 The following information is for informational purposes only. If one breaks the cost of the scooter ownership, 700 out the door, 200 dollars for gas and nearly no scheduled maintenance (throw away). Nitric oxide aids by using a sustained and ongoing blood pump inside your entire body. Anywhere 1 1/2 turns or more the idle stays the same till about 2 1/2 no change at all. Clean your carb and spray carb cleaner in all small passages, make sure air can flow through all ports no matter how small. This will get things moving a little. You should always consult your owner’s manual as the following tips may vary from scooter to scooter. The ignition coil, also referred to as a "spark coil" or "spark plug coil," is a critical component in the electrical ignition system of your vehicle.

Most ATV electrical problems are due to a wire backing out. shipping typically 5-7 business days maybe sooner. When it's at running temperature, find the 2 screws on your carburetor that adjust the air and fuel mixture. 79' And, um, we're feeling a bit remiss this week, because we like to think on Top Gear we're across what's happening in the world of cars, and then out of the blue, Ford wrote to us and said, "We're introducing a new Mondeo. If the battery is OK and the starter motor doesn't work, try kickstarting it. 15 X 0. Pocket bike idles, but doesn't rev under load I have a 49cc pocket bike and have been having problems since day one. Crank the scooter until the needle on the compression gague stops moving. Dealers cough up parts for the chinese bikes too . com where you can find 10’s of videos regarding your new bike (starting, cleaning, maintenance tips and many others which will help you to keep your new bike in good condition). Ships Fast!! New Scooter Starter Relay Solenoid for GY6 50cc 125cc 150cc ATV Automotive Parts and Accessories (bestfavor) Two wires, two pins,male connector end. e.

This is carb only Part #1 . Your Chinese scooter is comprised of 90% Japanese parts made in Taiwan, it is a Chinese scooter only because it is assembled in China. You should start to hear it pop, just keep pulling or kicking and holding it wide open until it starts, then rev the engine a bit to clean it out and keep it running, then warm it up properly. SHOP BY BRAND we carry parts for all the tops brands. Like everyone else, I had just witnessed the horrific images from New Orleans and gas prices were climbing quickly. Headlight does not come on. Check the carburetor. cause for each problem listed. Peace sports 50cc scooter starting problems? I own a 50cc peace sports scooter. Your Flyscooter should be looked at by an authorized Flyscooter dealership. With the explanations above for its extremes, the spark plug is a good indicator for smaller settings issues which then become less obvious. 1.

I have pulled the carb and cleaned all of it. Frankly, it's given us enough trouble over the course of its lifetime that I'm ready to sell it, but need to fix this one issue first. Then continue to tighten the bolt to the proper specification, holding the pull starter out, you will feel the engine want to pull the started cord back in, you need to hold it out until you get the bolt tight. TROUBLESHOOTING YOUR SCOOTER My scooter is not charging My scooter will not start My scooter is hard to start Starter is working but Scooter will not start Scooter runs but is very slow. If i get down to 1 or less turns it stumbles and dies. This part should fit almost all of the brands from China. 00 50cc scooters are all fairly quiet, about the same kind of noise as a ride-on lawnmower but quieter – lawnmowers have noisy spinning blades. a. But if you do something wrong and your motor starts sounding like a 4th of July fireworks display, it ain't warrantyit's all on you. Valve Adjustment Simplified. If your scooter starts but won't rev or run well, there are basically five most probable areas of trouble: then comes the To successfully use this guide you will be taught how to identify the major problem with your scooter, and then use the guide to make the diagnosis and repair. but as explained better then the today.

Even more so after you've run the battery down, tried push starting it or even leaned the bike against something so you can deliver a "better" kick, yet it still won't start and run properly. The choke circuit provides a method of increasing the fuel supply until the moped has warmed up and then shuts off, either by a manual choke which you switch on and off yourself or an automatic choke which does this for you. Testing a Battery. In all cases, it would really help to have the service manual for your scooter. It will start and go dead, and then it is very hard to get back started, like it's flooded or something. I was told by someone that peole call 49cc scooters 50cc scooters and all scooters go by 50cc and up. Scooter Forum Online: Using A Car to Jump Start Your Scooter About the Author This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. make sure u clean all the parts in the carb ie jets,make sure its not flooding. My scooter usually starts OK on the 2nd or 3rd kick. A China ATV usually comes with a 1-2 amp trickle charger. It's only about $500 less than the Yamaha and Honda, but the 2 year unlimited mileage definitely beat out the 6 month warranty Y and H offered. The Haynes guide is probably the best general reference for the repair of "generic" (i.

Nitric oxide is ideal for bodybuilding. Especially for the Chinese scooters. No refund on Icebear products. If it starts and runs for 5 seconds and then dies, then check for fuel flow to the carb (like it says below) runing in ,dont use more then 1 cap in your scooter Hi, i have a 85 suzuki lt 250 lt, have cleaned the carb, and it starts fine, and idles fine, but when ,i have the gas wide open, it starts to break down,on not running right, i read your post,tryig to figure out if its running too rich or to lean, and what should i do, if you can help me thanks Originally 50cc’s, then bored to 70cc, then swapped to 120cc, and finally to 141cc. If the battery is not strong enough to turn the engine, it definitely won't crank. I was looking into this carb My scooter will not start • Make sure you have fuel getting to the carburetor. 49cc Chinese scooter starts but dies in minutes (self. Don't touch the plug or it will shock you! If you have no spark, it's likely that you have a loose wire somewhere. Make sure to always go on a safety course before buying your first scooter. 2) While use remote start, the ATV may start to move after start up, What To Do When Your Bike Won't Start - Dr. If I let it sit, then it will start fine the next time, but still has the same problem with keeping running. 5: The manual freewheel lever is in the (forward) freewheel position.

Kids, teenagers and adults alike can explore the outdoors with confidence – and have a blast doing it! The first thing to do is not set up the idle speed, but to set the Idle mixture screw to lean best idle setting. The provider then sells interests in the policy to investors. My 2009 Schwinn Laguna scooter just started dieing on me. Visually inspect for obvious problems like damaged case, corrosion, loose hold-down clamps or cable terminals. In de So took out the spark plug, and poured some fuel into the hole, and put the plug back on, and started. Typical problems include hard starting, rough running, a need to adjust the carburetor during use to keep the engine from stalling, a need to rev the engine to ke This 2-stroke 49cc engine is used quite frequently on custom projects and applications. There are a couple of books which may help. Taiwanese. Frequent riding can often be enough to prevent this, but a battery trickle charger can also be a useful tool to keep your scoot ready to go at a moment’s notice! Piaggio NRG Extreme AC 2003; Hi, Recently, my bike has been cutting out or bogging down at full throttle, Anything below half throttle is fine, but this is strange as it was fine a few days ago, was happy at fully throttle, but now when i open it up from a slow speed, the rev's will die out and stall, if i do it at high speed, it sounds like im chopping on and off the throttle then it will bog Though you won't find individual repair manuals for every different Chinese scooter, they are all pretty similar and many use the same engines and transmission parts. It starts easy and runs well until you get to about 40 mph, then it just quits. agree with everyone else, start with valve adjustment. Proper Scooter maintenance is crucial to getting the most out of your scooter.

I guess Huffy's aren't meant to go over 30mph. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. This Tomos moped built by Parker Marrero can hit a to speed of 115mph. <= Back to Diagnosing Electric Bikes and Scooters. Performing maintenance on your scooter will make your warranty null and void. Buyer receives everything in the picture& FREE SHIPPING-This product may fit other types of scooters. We have orignal parts for your Buddy 50, Buddy 125, Buddy 150 and Buddy 170i. NOTE: This is not a comprehensive list, giving every possible. it should at least sputter, if not, then tighten the screw 1/4 of a turn, and try again. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. So far contemplating a new carb as all these are chinese crap. It is in great working condition.

Its much better then sucking on the hose and getting a mouth full of gas. **By Then, start your car and let it warm up. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases NGK C7HSA SPARK PLUG GY6 49CC 50CC 150CC CHINESE SCOOTER PIT BIKE ATV GO KART Automotive Parts and Accessories (NONE) Brand New Quality Parts. Engine Power The engine itself is 49cc/50cc of scooter power, which makes it the perfect transport around the city limits. We build every mini bike and go-kart to the highest quality standards. It does have a late kick top end and once its there it will keep on going. I have listed the most likely causes first to help you quickly get your gas scooter back on the road. Scooter does not turn over. Please ensure this scooter engine will provide the form, fit, and function needed on your custom scooter, go kart, gas powered bicycle, or other personal transportation vehicle prior to ordering! This scooter comes with a rear drum brake that will undoubtedly help you achieve quicker and safer stops. i do mine about every 1,000-2,000km on my old atm50 and just did one on my new 150 Jonway with only 145km on the odometer. Outdoor Gasoline and Electric Powered Equipment and Small Engines - 49CC 2 Stroke Engine only runs with choke on - Ok -- I posted a while back about this motor in the other section and noticed its the When a child starts riding in a real-world environment, it's best for a parent to take on the role of the coach rather than focus on his or her own riding for the first few family outings. I have this scooter I picked up from a friends, was siting outside for a What to do if moped starts but wont stay running? Yep the same thing it starts and then dies.

chinese 49cc scooter starts then dies

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